Journeys end in lovers meeting
-- Willian Shakespeare

We were strangers on a crazy adventure. Never dreaming that our dreams would come true. Now here we stand unafraid of the future. At the beginning with you.


Life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing.
Life is a road now and forever

A Wonderful journey

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Stereotypical MBTI in fiction: a Summary

INTJ: The quiet person who sits in the corner and glares. Probably doesn't know how to smile. Or flirt. Might kill people
INFJ: The nervous overly tidy dependable person, alternatively the quiet wise person, alternatively the one that yells a lot.
ISFJ: The good one. The 'group mom', usually. Very loyal and cautious. Might be overprotective.
ISTJ: The protector. Dependable, tends to focus on protecting loved ones above all. Traditional.
INTP: The nerd. The kind you put in their own locker. Very smart. The person who keeps talking even when everybody already stopped paying attention.
INFP: The good person. An idealist. Really enthusiastic about morals. Good protagonist.
ISFP: The artist. Very laid-back, casual and chill but also caring. Also a good protagonist.
ISTP: The person who's into things like vehicles. Needs to be active. The kind of person to jump on buildings or have a bow with arrows.
ENTJ: The perfect leader unless they're the antagonist which they quite probably are. Might also kill people. Good planners.
ENFJ: Very sweet people. Everybody likes them and they like everyone. Very determined. Know how to get what they want.
ESFJ: Usually highly value morals. Want everyone to have a good time. Family/friends oriented kinda people. You could say selfless.
ESTJ: Logical administrator, good planner. Might be workaholic. Probably will be. Not very good with feelings.
ENTP: The witty one. Probably also yells a lot. Very spontaneous. Very likely to be the greedy yet lovable halfway antagonist.
ENFP: Very enthusiastic and optimistic. Not a big fan of planning. Very spontaneous. Very fun. Comic relief character, sometimes.
ESFP: Party people. Want everyone to have a good time. Easily bored. Feel v. comfortable in a group.
ESTP: Good protagonist material. Might be kinda manipulative. Very casual and kind of carefree.
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That awkward moment when you procrastinate things you actually want to do and you don’t even know why

so I was just curious but why do you ship hansanna


Oh anon I am so very glad you asked me that.

Let me explain you a thing about these two dorks.


So, Frozen is basically about how four young adults cope with growing up (basically) alone. Anna is shut out by Elsa, Elsa is shutting herself in, Kristoff is out of the way of human contact, and Hans is shunned and (at the very least emotionally) abused by his older brothers.

They all have different ways of handling it. Hans and Anna actively seek out love, while Kristoff and Elsa want to hide themselves from it. Of course Hans and Anna have different ways of seeking out love (Anna is uber friendly to everyone, and Hans tries to murder the heads of the monarchy. That’s about as different as you can get) but it’s still there.

Now one could argue that Hans never felt anything for Anna the whole time, because we aren’t really told one way or another. My personal belief is that that is complete bull crap and I’ll tell you why.

Why did Hans want to become king? He wanted love.

And what does Anna give to everyone she meets? Love.

So Hans, this broken man searching for love, is obviously going to be attracted to such a bright and vibrant source of the one thing he desires most.

But the thing is- it’s not one sided. What usually happens in these “broken and in need of love” stories is that only one half of the couple is   in need of repair. But that’s the beauty of this relationship.

They both need each other.

Anna needs someone to love her completely and protect and support her. She needs someone who is willing to accept all of the affection she gives. Because Anna is a very selfless lover. On the love spectrum she is a total giver of love.

Hans needs someone to be affectionate with him. He’s a big reciever of love. He needs someone who can bring sunshine into his day and help him get all the fun he missed out on as a child. He needs someone to tell him that he’s meaningful and important to them. And most importantly, he needs someone who is merciful, gracious, and forgiving. He needs to hear that he’s forgiven for the crap he’s pulled in the past.

That’s why my least favorite part of the entire film of Frozen is when Anna punches Hans. not because ~oh no my OTP~ but because Anna is supposed to be those three things: merciful, gracious, and forgiving. Punching someone for what they did isn’t merciful. Even if it’s justified.

What she SHOULD have done is this: 

She should have grabbed him by the arms and pulled him up, dusted him off, and given him a hug.

Because if there is one person who needs a hug the most, it’s Hans. Wouldn’t that have been such a perfect ending? THEN I think Frozen would have gotten it’s intended message across. It was a story about love, all kinds of love. And what is the greatest expression of love? Forgiveness.

Okay I’m starting to get off topic, here.

Basically what I’m saying is that while Hans is NOT a “wittle innocent bby cakes” who can’t help what he did because of his big bad brothers, he IS a broken man, and Anna’s broken too.

But they are broken in way that their scars fit together to heal one another is a really really beautiful way and I think that’s awesome.

Also they are the dorkiest freckled ginger cuties I have ever seen. I mean can you imagine their babies. The glorious ginger babies.

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